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Shorkie Health Issues

Shorkie puppies can have health issues.  Shorkie puppies should be bred from GENETICALLY TESTED parents. Shorkie Puppies are not a purebred dog yet . Shorkie puppies make wonderful therapy dogs

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Health Issues in Shorkies
Like other dogs--and humans—Shorkies can may have health problems, some common among all dogs and some specific to the separate breeds of the Shih Tzu Or Yorkie. Health tests adults allow us to screen breeding for some of these problems and today's exciting era of DNA technology is putting researchers on the fast track to find abnormal genes and develop more tests to help eradicate genetic disease. Here are some health issues of concern to the Shorkie breed
Heart ,Kidney ,Liver and Eyes.

All Shorkie Club of America breeders are required to to do the testing on the parents prior to breeding any adult.
Ofa for Heart and Knees Hips and elbow
Cerf testing for Eyes
And bile acid testing for the liver

Yorkies are the number one dog in the world for liver issues! a Yorkie that acts healthy and shows no signs of health issues does not mean the Yorkie is not carrying liver issues that can be passed onto the puppies
When breeders are not doing the genetic testing you are taking a huge risk and may be adopting a puppy that appears healthy but may suffer from some long term medical conditions

Please know that there are many breeders selling Shorkie puppies online at very cheap prices. This is a huge indication that they are not doing any type of genetic testing.

"The bitterness of buying a CHEAP and poor quality Shorkie will linger long after the sweetness of a cheap price is forgotten."

So please please remember Genetic testing is to save puppies from inheritable disease and to save puppies parents the heartache that comes from an unhealthy puppy not to mention the finacial devastation.