Meet Our Daddies!!!

Please know this ! That the foundation to any good breeding program starts with a phenomenal male! We started with the best little boys around!

When only the best will do!


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We are so confident in the health and temperament  of our Shorkie puppies that in the event one of our puppies should develop a genetic issue that is outlined in our warranty we will HAPPILY! REFUND YOU THE COST OF THE PUPPY up to 5 yrs of age.   NO other website or breeders offer this. So please know as your breeder we are with you on this journey all the way!!We then take it a step further and stand behind your puppy with our limited Life time warranty of up to 10 yrs and offer a inhouse Priceless Pups credit

www.pricelesspups.net is the #1 website is the world and leading educator in the Shorkie breed!

remember our main website is is www.pricelesspups.net

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We often are asked questions about a breed called the shichon. They are a Bichon Shih Tzu We do not breed them get to big and are very high strung and can be nippy . If you are interested in finding out more about them you can visit www.shichon.net and it tells you alot about shichon puppies and what you need to know when considering one

 "If only I had known................"familiar words for puppy parents who contact us after buying a sick Shorkie or a Shorkie that looks nothing like a  Shorkie

The key to developing the Shorkie breed is stating with the best Shih Tzu and Yorkies that can be found, But the truth be known it is the STUD! daddy that makes the biggest difference in the look of the Shorkie and how a puppy turns out!

We specialize in baby doll teddy bear faces with short and coby faces that are just to die for.

Yorkies can look so different that is important to recognize what a quality Yorkie is and one that will produce that desired baby doll teddy bear face.

When you see a Yorkie male that has a long muzzle or is not that attractive... That will give you an idea of how your Shorkie puppy may turn out.

We BRAG about our babies and are very proud of each of them!

Our moms have extreme flat faces and high set noses .. and our Daddys are just to die fore as far as yorkies go!

All 4 of our males are AKC and CHAMPION LINES! But more importantly they come from genetically tested lines! xoxoxo


So please let me introduce you to the 4 studs of Priceless Pups

Beemer is our up and coming Shorkie Boy ..bred and raised right here at Priceless Pups.

Mammas Driving in Style With her new


We wil be moving forward in the SCA in 2012 an have some Shorkie to Shorkie breedings we we will be doing! So exicted.


Our Solid Gold Yorkie Boy

Mammas Got a New "Cadillac" we call him "Caddy"

4 lbs

Our Party Colored Yorkie Boy

Mammas "Symbol" of Love "we call him "Symba" for short

4 1/2 lbs

Our Traditional Black and Tan

Mammas "Tango" dance the night away "we call him "Tango " for short

Here is Tango in full coat and then Tango in his summer cut

5 lbs


As you will see with all of our Priceless Pups studs they have short muzzles and thick coats! This creates the Perfect LOOK of a Shorkie when you match it with the perfect Shih Tzu female.

Of course we do not want anyone to get caught up in LOOKS alone.

But The confirmation of what a  breeder is important to the breed.

But number one is Health! So no matter what your Shorkie breeder is breeding as far as looks go. Genetic testing is the most important thing you need for a health breeding of Shorkie puppies.

We could not be prouder of our Priceless Pups Studs. !!! and we are very thankful to the Yorkie breeders that trusted us to adopt them and ad them to our breeding programs and family!