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We often are asked questions about a breed called the shichon. They are a Bichon Shih Tzu We do not breed them get to big and are very high strung and can be nippy . If you are interested in finding out more about them you can visit www.shichon.net and it tells you alot about shichon puppies and what you need to know when considering one

We are many South Carolina families that have adopted a Shorkie from us.
We live in Seattle are of Washington State but shipping is always included in our prices.
Our Shorkie puppies can be shipped into South Carolina on Continental airlines Or Delta Airlines  with ease.
Here are are couple of Shorkies in South Carolina
This is Gracie one of our Shorkie puppies. She is already adopted and living in South Carolina
This is Grace she is one of our Shorkie puppies in South  Carolina.

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There are some VCA vets offices in you need a vet for your Shorkie puppy

South Carolina

Carolina Animal Rehabilitation & Exercise Center
Aiken, SC
Hospital Website

VCA South Carolina Surgery Center
Columbia, SC
Hospital Website

VCA Palmetto Animal Hospital
Conway, SC
Hospital Website

VCA Pee Dee Animal Hospital
Florence, SC
Hospital Website



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